Classic BLUE:- Pantone color of the year 2020

Every year is a glorification of a color that is chosen by the Pantone Color Institute. The month of December is when next year's "color of the year" is decided. It is the most exciting and eagerly awaited month for the mass of design and creative communities. As selected by the Pantone Color Institute's trend spotters, the color of the year 2020 is Classic Blue, PANTONE 19-4052. Classic Blue signifies reassurance, calmness, trust, reliability, and confidence. It sets the tone of promise and protection, which is undeniably required as we witness the unpleasant recent time. Blue, being a universally embraced color, already confides the feeling of honesty and comfort that people seek for.

This most celebrated annual ritual of Pantone Color of the Year has been going on since 2000. It started as a trendsetting concept for the whole creative society, including branding and marketing. It is born to create a universal digital color language through pantones to facilitate color globally. However, every industry uses the Color of the Year discreetly following their domain despite the common ground.

Blue is the desired color of almost every industry. The welcoming and promising vibe of all the blue hues has always been of an excellent benefit for branding, marketing, and advertising areas. Architects and space designers are very swiftly leaping into using classic blue for the decor and embellishment of the spaces. Colors are an essential part of designing and architecture, They have always helped designers and architects set the vibe and convey many things. So as they have stated themselves, using Pantone's of blue in space's interiors and decor has helped them invite and enchant customers on a whole new level. The Pantone Color of the Year is making its way by flaunting itself in art galleries, exhibitions, design houses, and every color-oriented field. Classic blue being this year's Pantone has become highly favorable in terms of its characteristics while also catching up with the trend.

The concept of Pantone Color of the Year is not so familiar amongst laymen, as the only justifiable reason is they don't need to know. But if you are looking forward to getting involved in any creative field directly or indirectly, it is recommended to focus on keeping the knowledge of color trends and efficiently implementing them. Owning a space and dealing with space renting is an example of indirectly involved with the creative domain. If you plan to have a creative professional as your tenant, you need to do much more than just put out your space in the market for rent. Being a vendor or a landlord, your shoulders already have an unsaid responsibility for maintaining your space's regular maintenance. Additionally, enhancing the presentation style of the space you offer on rent is a desirable addition and icing on the cake. It won't only swell the number of interested customers, but also be your little extra cash.

While on the subject, incorporating Pantone Color of the Year in your space can be a great and healthy start. It is a huge plus impressive deal for a creative professional to find a suitable space that is equally fabulous and coordinates with the trending Pantone color. You don't need to transform the whole decor to match the trend every year; adding the variable color to the most prominent elements in your space will work wonders.

Besides, this color reflects many feelings that spread positivity in the immediate environment and empathize and relax the viewer's nerves. This year, emphasizing the Classic Blue Pantone can be your lifeboat in this challenging era of uncertain occurrences and risky faiths. You won't only provide a professional space to rent for work but also space where people will find a fulfilled desire of peace, trust, and reliability.

About the Author...

Sayesha Wankhede is a Fashion Communication student at NIFT, Kolkata. Coming from Maharashtra, Sayesha is pursuing content writing as her career. A humble introvert with poetic qualities prefers to express through her writings rather than speaking much. She is also a published poet with published work in an anthology book, and three more of her poems are in line to be published in upcoming months.

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