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When you are in the process of building you and your profession simultaneously, there are too many fluctuating factors that distract you from prioritizing the important ones. And when you are new in a market with low funds and budgets, your workspace is the most frequent victim element that you end up compromising with. A small and confined workspace is one of the reasons for the utmost demotivation, but almost everyone has to deal with it at least once in their work-life; for some, it becomes a permanent thing, and for some, it's just a phase. Nonetheless, this factor should never be able to pull you from various aspects of your work and goals. No matter what profession you are in, a better workspace should always be a priority.

They say, "When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade," but why just stop at lemonade, when you could make a lemon cake too! Of course, it needs more ingredients than a lemonade does, but that's what sets it apart from the crowd and makes it more celebratory. Talking in our context, when you are handed with a small space, make it work for you in the unique ways possible. Especially when you plan to make that address permanent or use it for a long unspecified period until a more prominent space becomes a practical investment, you must invest in the interior for better outcomes. Decorate, rearrange, repurpose what you already got, replace things that don't work for you, recycle, repaint, modify, in short, make a lemon cake! Inadequate investment in the workspace is worse and more expensive than no investment at all.

Unique office space is an excellent way of attracting talent for your team. If given a choice, a prospective candidate will also want an attractive workspace in addition to a good job profile. It helps spread a constant positive vibe in the workspace that acts as a catalyst for productivity and commitment towards work and team. A defined workplace makes it much easier to focus and get down to the task at hand. It helps get team members into the right headspace to work. An organized space not only makes the tasks more manageable, but it also drives you and your team's efficiency towards more significant results, maintaining the optimum comfort level at the same time.

So, while you are exploring your creative side for your workspace, here are a few general tips to help you take care of the mandatory its-bits.


The presence of enough natural light can make a big difference in the workspace. It impacts positively on the mood and productivity of you and your team. As much as natural light is a much-overlooked factor in workspace design, it is also a hugely beneficial element that is not acknowledged by everyone at the proper time. It should be one of your primary considerations in workspace design and layout.

In comparison to the harsh, monotonous artificial lights, sunlight is the source our eyes are designed to work with. It is easier to see details and perform basic tasks in natural light. It will reduce eye fatigue and complaints about headaches, which will automatically start showing productivity improvements.


Cabinets and desks are a vital part of any office, be it big or small, the trick is not to overdo them. Otherwise, even a big space starts to look over-filled and small. Moreover, it's not only essential to give your staff big enough desks, but you must also consider having enough circulation space. They need to be able to move around freely, as there is nothing more disturbing than having someone bumping into you every time they walk by.

Replace those claustrophobic workstations with benching desks. They are not only appealing but also encourage a dynamic, fun, and interacting atmosphere. Bench desks help bring people together and also promotes healthy team interaction. Reducing the reliance on paper is not only environmentally friendly but also more agile for a small office. This, in turn, will decrease the number of filing cabinets and other storage equipment required, automatically creating more space.


Maintain a clean and tidy workspace. A cluttered workspace not only slows you down physically in a small office space but mentally as well. You won't want a messy desk to organize your piled up thoughts. Define your space, declutter it, and make it more welcoming for the new generating ideas and sincere efforts. Besides, it helps to make your space look less small and congested.


Light, soothing colors create an illusion of more space. Calm and even-toned rooms often give away the serene and peaceful vibe.

Use subtle yet cheery colors for your walls, but also be sure of not mistaking calm with dull. Add some textures to avoid the space from falling flat. You can incorporate textures in your flooring by using a complementing or classic wooden print floor paper.

The colors in your office room should reflect the natural source of light and make your workspace look bigger, brighter, and alive.


Here comes another point of creating the illusion. Like wearing vertical lines makes a person look thin and tall, it is also applicable in designing spaces. Avoid landscape arrangements and shelves and prefer everything vertical, as they help to make a space look much loftier. The often under-utilized space between the tops of furniture is a charming nook for vertical shelves. Take bookcases and cabinets up, hang decorative elements from the room's ceiling, put vertical paintings or quotes on the wall; it'll all make the room feel higher.

You obviously can't magically push out the walls of your office and make it bigger, but what you can do is make the most and best of the space you have. Designing small offices comes with a lot of potential and possibilities. From new furniture to a better decor scheme, everything matters when space is limited. Know what's best for your space and grab every opportunity to make it work. Happy working!

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