Embrace Yoga: A perfect gift for your Health

The Vedic manuscript says, "युज्यते अनेन इति योग." This verse translates as "joining of the Individual Self, Jivatma with the Universal Self, Paramatma". When Rigveda, one of the four books of knowledge and the foremost sacred text in Hinduism, was penned two millennia ago, yoga made its first appearance as the "Yuj." It means joint or union. Yoga has its independent roots from Yogi Sutra, where there is no god but discipline and meditation, which facilitates understanding the outer world. Yoga is a subtle science of connecting body and mind, creating a spiritual balance in harmony with tranquility for soul.

We, from HighSpace, wish everyone a peaceful and healthy life on International Yoga Day!

Every year, June 21 is celebrated globally as International Yoga Day. As the world reels under the social distancing measures due to corona-virus, the theme set by the UN for the yoga day 2020 is "Yoga for health- Yoga at home." After all, given the present social distancing measures, Yoga at home is our best shot. But no matter what, we mustn't let the current crisis stop us from making it grand. Despite its ancient Indian roots, yoga has grown in popularity and is now practiced worldwide by millions. This universal appeal is essential to International Yoga Day to celebrate the sacred union of body and mind and raise awareness around the world of the beneficial effects of yoga practice. India is often touted as the 'Land of Yoga. Foreigners from across the world visit ashrams, retreats, and yoga centers across India to learn and practice yoga. The number of visitors keeps growing every year and it is no doubt that yoga has catapulted India into the global limelight. The fact that India continues to inspire people worldwide and India's gift to the word for healthy living is now widely recognized as an excellent achievement for the country.

International Yoga Day has made Yoga even more popular in the west, thus adding more to the sheen and prominence of India globally. Yoga continues to inspire millions. This yoga day, let's take a quick look at some of the health benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Yoga improves your flexibility and helps release muscle tension.

  • Yoga postures help build muscle strength that can protect you from conditions such as back pain.

  • Yoga gets your blood flowing. The postures can help improve blood circulations across various body parts.

  • It helps you focus. Practicing yoga every day helps improve coordination and memory and enables you to concentrate better on work.

  • It helps maintain a healthy weight. Yoga gets you moving and can help burn calories; moreover, when practiced regularly, yoga can make you a mindful eater.

  • Yoga helps decrease stress. It is known for its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It is recommended for people with tiredness, anxiety and depression.

  • Yoga improves the quality of life by promoting sleep quality, spiritual well being and mindful eating.

These are just a few of many benefits to mention. There are several other ways in which yoga can impact your life positively. Since we live in an increasingly fast-paced world in which we often take for granted our mental and physical well-being, I firmly believe that now is the time to embrace yoga more than ever.

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Sagrika Chauhan is an Arts Graduate from University of Delhi. She is an aspiring polyglot, a Quentin Tarantino fanatic, an avid reader and a passionate writer. She loves whiling away her hours in Bookstores. You can connect with her at

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