Fashion Shows and Ramp Walk

Talking of fashion shows and ramp walks or runways, the primary picture that forms into our mind is a big t-shaped, narrow and flat platform. That runs into an auditorium or in an outdoor seating area with judges and guests sitting on the left and right of the stage. And when we imagine the space within which the ramp is made, it is quite big, open and lofty. Bollywood movies have always given away the same idea of fashion shows and ramps that have been imprinted in our minds and have developed as the basic image. T-ramps are the classic setup for catwalks. They are convenient, minimal, and are elegantly adaptive with all other decors.

As for space, most fashion shows are held indoors as a precaution against the weather, but many designers choose to keep them outdoors. As the fashion industry is developing, fashion runways and venue spaces are creatively evolving. Fashion shows started with staging at department stores. Today, there is no limit to types of amazingly wild runways and spaces. Whether indoor, outdoor, or semi-outdoors, set designers are putting their best of crazy creative minds to display their masterpiece collection. The classic T-shaped ones have taken a back seat, and new ramps are being explored with abstract shapes, independent paths, geometric patterns, and other possibilities. Fashion and set designers come together and bring out the whole runway set to life, a standalone masterpiece. Fashion shows, these days, are the source of inspiration for designers to think beyond the limits and reach out to every possible extent of creativity. Nothing really binds you, and there is no strict rule to stick to. If anything, you always need to take care of enough and appropriate space for the viewer’s seating, a walking space for models and convenient backstage space.

The Indian fashion industry is progressing towards creative fashion show setups with its own unique “wow” moments. It is open and unrestricted in welcoming new ideas. This forever competitive industry thrives on new ideas, brave creativity, and worthy talents. You really have to go way out of the box if you wish to get noticed in the crowd.

A secure and effective step towards this direction is to level up your thinking and let your imaginations take control. Every space is your opportunity to bring your creative visions into existence. Hotel, Theatre, Mall, Gardens, Parking lots, Old buildings, Garage and so on, don’t be afraid for a space, but turn it into something that works amazingly for you and become an unforgettable and impressionable event of the time. The choice of space and then transforming it into a beautifully composed set is a collaborative process and an abundance of work. So while you are thinking of your “The space” and “The runway,” there are other must-focus-on elements that help you to outshine the show.

  • Lighting:

An excellent and right light is crucial; otherwise, how will your eyes relish the magic happening on the ramp. It helps in setting the mood in the space according to the theme. Lighting is the tricky part. It needs to be suitable and supporting all the cameras while keeping it equally exciting and spectacular for the live audience. Improper lighting could make the collection on display appear discolored and lead to the spread of misinformation to potential buyers and viewers. So no matter how beautiful your runway and space are, lousy lighting will dampen all your efforts. Invest in good experienced photographers and cameramen, who know how to handle a fashion event and are familiar with the know-how.

  • Sound:

Sound is another critical element that helps in maintaining the vibe all show long. It supports the theme, compliments the lighting, and creates an engaging ambiance. Sound dropouts or false starts add a bit of sourness within the viewers, so it’s highly necessary to have well-experienced operators and a management team.

  • AV:

AV consists of projectors, screens or plasma / LCD installed in the space to show close-ups of the action with a live camera feed, and to show the designers their designs. They display the company or sponsor’s logo.

The perfect team of experienced professionals helps create less stressful work environments, easy management, and breathtaking results. So they should be your priority.

The most-talked fashion runways of the decade are worth getting inspired from. You can see the smart execution of artistry and learn the way they balance everything around.

The aim should not be to replicate but to learn the possibilities the world is steadily discovering, and find yours, and utilize them in your best favor.

Outdoor Fashion Shows:


Ralph and Russo

Dolce & Gabbana

Semi Outdoor Fashion Show:




Indoor Fashion Show:




People generally notice you for two prominent reasons -- one, you are absolutely amazing, and two, you are crazy or weird. The fashion industry looks for crazy-creative, who is astounding and is intrepid enough to cherish their craziness. If you are here in this industry to stay, you should master the art of talking through your work, and your work should be worth talking about!

About the Author...

Sayesha Wankhede is a Fashion Communication student at NIFT, Kolkata. Coming from Maharashtra, Sayesha is pursuing content writing as her career. A humble introvert with poetic qualities prefers to express through her writings rather than speaking much. She is also a published poet with published work in an anthology book, and three more of her poems are in line to be published in upcoming months.

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