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A hobby has a basic definition as a pastime activity done regularly for fun. Many hobbies can be turned into a successful career opportunity while maintaining the fun. If you can earn something while enjoying your hobby, that's fun and money, which never stops sounding amazing! A hobby can become a great business or career option. You share the pleasure of your hobby with other groups of people with similar interests while helping them get familiar with it. Unlike other big businesses, for a hobby, you don't need significant capital or a massive amount of labour for converting them into a business. All you need is a great space to start with, and everything else will fall into the right place.

Having fitness as your hobby is a blessing in itself. Many would agree that the first step towards fitness is making up your mind, the second step is getting started, and the third is committing to it. It's challenging to get past the first step itself. But if you are loving the idea of making your muscles work, voluntarily taking up the task of burning your calories, and maintaining a healthy diet, it must have taken a good amount of motivation and commitment to keep it going. As you have achieved your desired body, you could take a step further and turn your hobby into something you can earn from while helping people gain a healthy lifestyle. People these days can't find enough motivation to work out by themselves; they look for influencers and coaches that can constantly push them into committing and getting through it. Here, you can play a significant role.

Turning your fitness from a hobby into a successful career sounds exciting, but the journey can be quite challenging. Your decision itself may need proper guidance and direction to get started. The first thing that could come to your mind is you don't have any formal education, or certification, or maybe no idea where to start.

There are many options and approaches to deal with this dilemma that are lengthy, time-consuming, and will probably demotivate you to move forward. While getting a degree or/and personal trainer certification is essential and a must-have for your career, in the long run, they are not required to start your independent fitness studio initially. You can get a space on rent and get started with your coaching without anyone's permission. You just have to know enough about exercises, diets, and nutrition to help the people get in shape and improve their lives through coaching. You don't have to know everything but more than the person you are promoting.

As you continue with coaching at your studio, you can also start earning your credentials simultaneously. To become and be recognized as a fitness professional, you'll need some kind of certification as your paperwork. You can start with the basic ones initially and then move on to getting the advanced ones if you choose to. It is recommended to expand your education and become a certified professional at some point for better growth and varied opportunities for your career in fitness.

Talking about starting your fitness studio, although you don't need any permission, you need a space. You can buy space if you have excellent economic support. Instead of investing money in space at such a starting point of your career, you can rent a space. Renting a space for start-ups is always a good idea. One, it saves your money for other essential expenses in hand, and two, it gives you a room for test runs without much risk. As an individual who is very new at being a fitness coach, you might need to know whether you can work with people or not. You can only learn it the best way through trial and error. Perhaps, investing much money during your trial period can get risky and pressurizing. For that reason, renting a space for your studio is a good start towards playing safe.

Searching for a suitable space for a fitness coaching studio is also a difficult job at times. It can get frustrating, exhausting, and very confusing. You might not get a proper location, or maybe the cost is unreasonable, or you find a perfect space, but the landlord is too picky. Reasons like these can become the pain points for you. To rescue you from these troubles, HighSpace can be your great option for space hunting.

It is online, comprehensive, and easily accessible, and you can get several space options to choose from. Speaking in your lingo - HighSpace is a healthy option for your mind. It eliminates the stress factor of space hunting and relaxes your brain muscle.

So, there is no one obvious or correct path to becoming a successful health and fitness coach. While you are figuring your right way and whatever you decide, HighSpace is always there to back you up with the space factor.

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Sayesha Wankhede is a Fashion Communication student at NIFT, Kolkata. Coming from Maharashtra, Sayesha is pursuing content writing as her career. A humble introvert with poetic qualities prefers to express through her writings rather than speaking much. She is also a published poet with published work in an anthology book, and three more of her poems are in line to be published in upcoming months.

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