How can Space Fuel Creativity ?

I want you to have a good glance at the above-given pictures of the work spaces. Go ahead.


Now, if I were to ask you to choose one of them as your workplace, which one are you going to choose? Most of you will pick the second one.

But why? After all, both are pictures of workspace cubicles. But something is tempting about the second pic. Right? It comes across as more cheerful, more colorful, de-cluttered, clean, and organized than the previous one. Above all, it comes across as more CREATIVE.

These days, many of the corporations are giving up the dull and drab office workspace to make way for a brighter and cheerful one. The biggest reason given by corporations behind this move are to inspire and promote creativity among their employees. Creativity and innovation are fast becoming a prominent part of corporate strategies. But having creativity high on the list isn't enough to do the job, creating work spaces that inspire and fuel creativity are equally important. Being creative in an environment that doesn't support the process is futile.

Of course, how creative a person can be, depends a lot on his own capabilities and talent. Still, we are learning more and more every day that our environment plays a primary factor in supporting creativity and enabling us to thrive. But what are the features of a dedicated creative workspace?

  • Try incorporating a range of colors, textures, and patterns in the workspace. Having various stimuli will encourage creative thought among people and would also add to the liveliness of the place

  • Try to make the workplace greener. Adding plants can have numerous health benefits, they not only reduce stress and provide cleaner air to breathe. They make a space more vibrant and healthier, which in turn can increase productivity.

  • Instead of cubicles, think in clusters. The concept of cubicles was based on providing isolation to employees so that they can work peacefully and come up with creative ideas. But we know it hasn't turned out as planned. Employees should work in clusters or teams, for it helps in fostering a communal workspace and productivity.

  • Mix up your spaces. Yes, you heard it, Right!! Have you ever found yourself stuck on a problem, only to magically think of a solution after taking a short walk? This is called the "power of movement," and a part of it comes from the change in the environment. This is why many companies like Google and Airbnb have started incorporating lounges, hammocks, and unusual places to provide their employees with a change of environment while brainstorming solutions.

  • Get Creative with Natural light. Exposure to natural light can lead to a happier and productive workforce, especially if employees are sitting in front of computers all day long. You can capture light by using glass walls for the office's sides or using "daylight harvesting" to bounce the natural light coming in through the office throughout the day. Focusing on natural light and ventilation can help uplift the mood of employees and fuel creativity.

  • Opt for comfortable seating. There is no doubt that a more relaxed posture promotes creative thinking. You must go for ergonomic options and soft seating as much as possible.

These are some of the features you can start with. Obviously, there is no end to how creative you can get with your workplace. For example, many companies have begun taking to "Breaking the routine" to inspire creativity in their employees. But what does it mean? Breaking the routine is just like taking a short vacation. Just like a vacation to an unexpected or a new place can make a person more energized and fuel creativity." Breaking the routine" works on the same concept. It involves mixing things up and being inspired by new sights, new smells, and sounds but on a rather intimate and immediate scale. Companies often break the routine by organizing company meetings at unusual spaces and venues or organizing company events in a more social and fun setting space. Getting out of the office and taking your team to see how they work in a new environment can do wonders for creativity. Finding unique venues for your workspace can be a little confusing, but HighSpace got you covered. HighSpace can help you find your perfect space by connecting you with hosts willing to rent out their space for various creative and productive uses. After all, nothing should come in the way of you and your workforce's creativity.

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Sagrika Chauhan is an Arts Graduate from University of Delhi. She is an aspiring polyglot, a Quentin Tarantino fanatic, an avid reader and a passionate writer. She loves whiling away her hours in Bookstores. You can connect with her at

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