Post Lockdown: A fresh start to the business

"Business opportunities are like buses. There's always another one coming." – Richard Branson

An entrepreneur starts a business with calculated risk, taking into account all the necessary expenses, and develops a business plan accordingly. But, sometimes, an unforeseen event may prove fatal to all the estimations. All the night-long hard work and mind throttling paperwork have to bow down to the circumstances.

However, a lack of resources should always be the last reason to stop a person from making the country proud. Our country is a country of youth. We have the most brilliant brains who can do wonders. We are slowly, but steadily, moving towards 'GO VOCAL FOR LOCAL.' In this regard, more and more brands, businesses, and startups are coming up. The current situation and the continuous lockdown can be a temporary setback, but the people will bounce back stronger than ever.

In this regard, High space got you covered. Our mission is to help companies and individuals find one-of-a-kind spaces to inspire their best work. We believe that access to inspiring spaces and changes in work surrounding are vital drivers of innovation for all types of professionals. Whether it's a full-day offsite or a quick meeting, a corporate or social event, or a production of any kind, Highspace is the first platform to find and book these unique and inspiring spaces easily.

We help businesses and startups deal with the problem of rising rent by sharing the 'underused' spaces of other enterprises. We make sure we list out all the available spaces so the entrepreneur can choose the most suitable one and run the business efficiently.

On the other hand, if you have some 'underused' space, it can be rented out to earn a few extra bucks, which might help deal with the current economic scenario. Sharing your workspace as a Host could make you money while aiding someone who requires a temporary space to jump-start their business. Highspace makes it much easier to fill underutilized time and space, and unlock the potential of your property.

You can look out for rental space for any private party and can save thousands of rupees by cutting down on the rent expenses. Also, if you are not sure about the future of your business model and are not looking forward to investing in the initial

stage, you can kickstart the business from a small, inexpensive rental hall, and expand later. Last but not least, you can turn your passion into a high passive income by consistently practicing and refining your skills in your own rented space, as and when required.

It is rightly said, you are never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream. So get ready to give a fresh start to your business, post lockdown, and make it a big success in the long run.

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Sauvika Katoch

My name is Sauvika Katoch, and she is a student at Delhi Technological University, pursuing graduation in mechanical engineering. She has previous experience in the field of marketing, and knowledge about Social media campaigns.

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