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Are you planning to launch your product online?

After all, there are various reasons to do so because the online marketplace has grown tremendously. Nowadays, you can't expect to sell your product without having an online presence for it.

Unlike a traditional marketplace where the customers see, touch, and feel the product before making a buying decision, an online marketplace relies heavily on the product's visual representation to drive up sales. That's the biggest reason why E-commerce is more dependent on product photography than any other sales channel.

While launching your product online, you must invest in product photography because people shop with their eyes first. Poor quality product photos can be a big turn-off for the customers and can adversely affect your product sale. Therefore, having beautiful product photography can go a long way. You don't need to shell out loads of money on a photo studio. All you need is to rent a workable space, a photographer, and your "Beloved" product. It's not only a better option but also an economical one.

If it's your first time launching a product online, product photography could be new and enigmatic. That's where a product photographer steps in. This Guy can help make or break your product's online image. Some of the key factors which a photographer must take care of while shooting for a product are:

  • Choosing the Right Space

E-commerce photography typically features clean white backgrounds with bright and well-lit products, easily done in a small studio using just a few studio lights. Although many people advocate using natural light while shooting for a product, artificial lights can give you better control while shooting and allow you to shoot at any time of the day. Shooting for e-commerce usually involves clicking several pictures (sometimes even up to 50 pics ) of the same product; therefore, shooting in the natural light may lead to weak consistency because the sun keeps changes direction in a day. The room should be spacious enough for you to set up your equipment for the shoot. Also, choose a space where you can work undisturbed and easily replicate the same setup if you need it multiple times. If you need help finding the right space for your product photography, visit HighSpace today. HighSpace provides an on-demand space booking platform for your creative needs.

  • Choosing a camera

Don't stress over getting your hands on the best camera available in the market. The lighting and setup play a far more crucial role during a product shoot than a camera. You can't go wrong with a DSLR model, which comes equipped with the required settings. Usually, a wide-open aperture should be preferred while shooting. One must use an f-stop number between 15-22 so that your entire product is in focus. Also, the shutter speed and f/stop number are related. Since a larger f/stop number lets in less light, you'll need to counter that by using slower shutter speed to allow more light through. Check the white balance, which should be set at the same temperature as the lights.

  • Get a tripod

If you don't have a tripod already, please buy one. Holding your camera by hand can produce blurry images. A stable tripod can eliminate camera shake and can help capture perfect shots. Remember to choose a suitable-size tripod for your shooting space; if your tripod is too big, it will limit the angles you can shoot from.

  • Background

It is always advised to shoot on a plain white background. A white background provides the least amount of distraction from your product. If you are planning on doing product photography often, it is advisable to buy a white sweep. Sweeps are easy to use and are very convenient because if one gets dirty, you can roll down another piece. Sweeps also don't have any creases which add to a more neat background. You can also purchase a few rolls of craft paper and some metal clamps. Roll the craft paper on a table and place the product where the paper and table come in contact.

  • White bounce cards

It's another essential thing you'll need during your product shoot, especially when you are shooting in natural light. When you're lighting with natural light, there will be a bright side where the light is striking the product, and opposite to it will be a shadow side. The shadow side is usually dark, and we need white bounce cards to reflect the light to this side and brighten it up so that the lighting on the product looks even.

  • Photo setup

Your ideal photo setup should involve placing a table close to the window, turning off any lights in the room, setting up a white background using sweeps or craft paper, placing your product in a position, then placing the foam board furthermost away from the window. Then, set your camera and start taking a picture at the same height as your product, later you can experiment with angles as you please.

I know all this can seem like a lot of work, but once you get the above things right, you will have some amazing shots. Product photography is essential while launching your product online and must not be overlooked because photos are the way down to an online shopper's heart.

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Sagrika Chauhan is an Arts Graduate from University of Delhi. She is an aspiring polyglot, a Quentin Tarantino fanatic, an avid reader and a passionate writer. She loves whiling away her hours in Bookstores. You can connect with her at

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