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Artwork is recognized under many different categories; performing arts like dancing and singing, culinary art, and fine arts like painting, sculpting, craftworks, etc. Each having a unique trait. But there is a difference between pursuing art as a hobby and as a profession. If you have started as a professional artist, then there is no looking back. In any format, the artist always wants to keep exploring new ideas.

Most importantly, as a professional, an artist wants people to know her and her work. Hosting a workshop or a particular class can be one of the best ways to put this plan into action. Deciding a venue in such a case can be slightly challenging. There are so many considerations to be kept in mind while choosing for the site.

  • Location:

When you are hosting a particular class or a workshop, you would want to decide for a place convenient for everyone, especially for those who are going to participate. Hence, deciding on a comfortable and easily accessible location is essential.

  • Size:

The size of the venue that you want to hire will vary. An art class on abstraction might not require as much space as a dance studio. The format will vary depending on the kind of workshop that you want to host but carries a significant impact while deciding on a rental venue.

  • Scheduled Time:

Flexibility in deciding the schedule while booking the venue is also essential. You can have a six-hour session with intervals on a single day. You can also have a two-hour session spanning in three days—each timing depending on your convenience.

  • Venue:

The quality and comfort that space/venue provides also play a significant role in the attendees' minds. You might want to host a chill and creative class or maybe a Formal Seminar at a space with a much more formal setup. Some artists prefer fully furnished spaces, while some prefer conducting workshops in open spaces. Whether you want to do an Indoor Summer Workshop or and Open Space Art Class, it's all up to you.

At High Space as we provide you with a space that caters to all your demands. A workshop or a particular class is a form of promotion of your creativity.

When you conduct a studio, it can be beneficial in so many ways. There is a growth for you as an artist as your face-to-face reach increases. You get to know what it is like to learn, interact, or even teach and work with like-minded people. There is so much public engagement both with the art and the artist. People get to know what you think while creating art and interact with you regarding your creations as they simultaneously learn. You get to provide and observe visual cues, as you spend time with people who share similar interests in your field.

Status shouldn't be a matter of worry when it comes to putting up a particular class or workshop. If you're an established artist, then footfall should not be a concern. If you are starting new, deciding on putting up a workshop can be a little confusing. But, if you look at its benefits, you will notice how efficient it becomes as it helps you grow in your domain with more interaction and engagement with the audience.

Being an artist, you can always end the workshop with a performance or a demonstration from your end. That still adds to the essence of the individual class or workshop, and convincing people side-wise about deciding to attend your workshop was an experience worth it. What, when, and how a workshop should go is entirely upon you. But where should it be held? Once the responsibility is on our shoulders, we assure you that we will deliver you the right service.

About the Author...

Zufisha Hussain is pursuing Mass Communication and Videography. She is a keen learner, passionate with writing and highly creative with strong interest in painting and digital arts.

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