Struggles of a Make-Up-Artist

As the entertainment industry is developing swiftly, Makeup, an underrated, hidden star of the industry, is catching its pace and sharing the spotlight. Everyone wants to look best. Hence, the demand for makeup professionals is climbing the charts. Makeup artistry is a highly competitive industry where artists can succeed through practical training, practice, and dedication to accomplish the highest standard.

There are many bitter-sweet exciting moments to look forward to on your way to becoming a makeup artist - getting your makeup lessons, mastering it, your first client, and renting a space for your makeup studio, and then setting it up!

A proper workspace is essential for makeup artists. It allows you to keep your makeup tools handy, work with prominence, and create a space that you, but even your clients are proud of! When it comes to setting up your makeup studio, there are some must-do things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Right lighting:

This depends on your preference; many makeup artists mostly prefer natural light over any other light due to its evenly diffusing and comparatively neat qualities. The next best thing is white natural light; Yellow and fluorescent lights are big no!

  • Organized makeup products and tools:

The short term motive is to keep your Makeup and tools handy. For the long preserved life of your makeup products and tools, it is highly essential to keep them organized and tidy. The organization is also crucial because it aids in making sure that you use clean and correct products on your skin to avoid major breakouts and rashes caused by dirty brushes and Makeup.

  • Mirrors:

1. Choose the right magnification mirror. Know your required amplification. If you have vision problems, always wear your glasses or contact lenses while a try-out for a mirror.

2. Be sure to have the lighting fenced in front of the mirror and not at the top or side. Front lighting is important for Makeup. It evenly illuminates the whole face avoiding unpleasant shadows and makes it easier for you to judge the accuracy of the products used.

3. There are many more advanced mirrors for your maximum convenience that are a little heavy on the pocket but smooth at their purpose. You can opt for them too if it suits your budget.

  • Equipment:

1. You'll need to have all equipment available at your studio for the services you are planning to offer.

2. Always go for quality over quantity. If you can't afford good quality equipment all at once, then start with purchasing a few equipment at a time, but don't compromise quality.

3. Keep them maintained and in proper working condition as you don't want to lose your image and clients to any accident.

The ultimate motive is to set up a makeup studio that allows you to perform your best looks to every client!

Your classification as a makeup artist and the services you offer will determine what kind of makeup studio you should set up for yourself. You don't need a studio; if you work at a makeup counter, you just create looks and provide advice out of a retail store. But offering smaller services such as bridal Makeup, makeovers, or even short makeup lessons, a makeup studio is necessary. If you are a freelance makeup artist, creating a designated space for your makeup applications is something you shouldn't delay. You can't always be the freelance makeup artist that travels all around the county to serve the clients. Initially, you can start from your home if you have an area that would fit your studio's necessary basic elements, in or around. But eventually, as you grow professionally and economically, you can also rent out a commercial studio.

The decision to rent a makeup studio will also require plenty of mental preparation. As you'll observe that renting a makeup studio is an uneven blend of bitters and sweets, even though it's a significant event of your life. The troubles are more than joys.

When you go out on a hunt for space to rent, you might find many residences offering some, but finding studio spaces that are already set up for a makeup artist is rare, and laborious. Landlord's eccentric approval and clearance issues, e.g., not letting you rent because the business would be too loud, neighborhood issues like Wax would smell, and other businesses might face a problem. In such cases, a lot of reassurance is required, but most of the time, even that doesn't work. Sometimes it's you who might face difficulty in finding that one little quality in your space that'll strike your eyes and heart. Having a makeup studio that is not in your home is indeed a stepping stone, but it also comes with a pile of troubles.

Well, saving your day, Highspace, an online and easy source for renting spaces, comes bearing good news for you. Highspace is a platform that makes your hunt easy and increases the chances of you having your dream studio without any troubles. Browsing for spaces by your fingertips always sounds a better option than burning your fuel. Highspace regulates vendors and customers and bridges the gap between them that benefits both. Its versatility in spaces surely helps you find your potential winner. It plucks away the rocky process of renting spaces as well. Now all you have to do is go shopping and do other preparations for your dream makeup studio while Highspace takes care of its space. Happy shopping!

About the Author...

Sayesha Wankhede is a Fashion Communication student at NIFT, Kolkata. Coming from Maharashtra, Sayesha is pursuing content writing as her career. A humble introvert with poetic qualities prefers to express through her writings rather than speaking much. She is also a published poet with published work in an anthology book, and three more of her poems are in line to be published in upcoming months.

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