The Emerging Market Trend Towards Shared Spaces

"Our public spaces are as profound as we allow them to be." - Candy Chang

A research that was conducted by Harvard Business Review suggested that amalgamating an outlined work environment and well-curated work experience are the most essential components that bring out the willingness in people to demonstrate higher levels of growth. It also suggests that people crave the ability to craft the tasks that give them purpose and meaning. People, in general, these days are deflecting from the age-old idea of remaining persistent to one’s work alone and are embracing places or spaces through which they can build connections, that help them to interact and build communities beyond the box that they were always cemented to. This research illustrates the need to boost the demand for Shared Spaces in the economy.

Shared Economy is indubitably going to breach the stereotypical bias that has been in place for a long time. The sharing economy also referred to as collaborative consumption will have a tremendous impact on community spaces and multidimensional spaces as community-building activities like movie screenings, wine tastings, cooking classes, roof decks, party rooms, and many more are gaining momentum with the advent of time. As we move ahead we are paving the way towards a future where infrastructure will play a predominant role in the built environment. A lot of spaces nowadays not only address the demand of its users by function but also work towards incorporating amenities that are integrative in nature. With the evolution of technology and other IT enabled services, offices and other community and multi-dimensional spaces are able to offer a range of diverse services. A lot of people perceive communities as spaces that encourage flexibility and feel that community spaces provide autonomy to them and that working with a community help them create structures and discipline that motivates them. On a very positive scale, working with a community empowers individuals and creates an impression in their minds that they as individuals are a part of the community that has its own vibe, and being a part of it drives them to be a part of a unique experience.

Addressing the elephant in the room which is the most obvious the question that has been hovering around the minds of the people - Can it withstand the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has created in our country?

Analysis of the impact of Covid-19 can be a two-fold namely short run and long run respectively. All the industries in the short run have been impacted adversely with the effects of the pandemic. However in the long run post the Covid-19 period, this industry will flourish and witness exponential high growth. There will be a shift of focus in areas that are of most significance such as social distancing, providing the highest quality infrastructure, and maintenance of safety, hygiene, and privacy. Earlier if an individual was seated within the capacity of 60-70 sq. ft., now the same individual can sit with adequate social distancing norms in a capacity of 85-100 sq. ft. Through adequate and sufficient measures this industry can definitely win the game in the long run.

Unprecedented by any start-up or business in the country, HIGHSPACE offers one of a kind experience to discover unique spaces that offer customized solution to its customers by catering to their demands and necessities that inspires and motivates them to become adept at their skill or talent. It is a market that brings together and integrates hosts of spaces and customers who are in dire need of such spaces namely the demand and the supply part of the chain to ensure optimum utilization of spaces. HIGHSPACE is undoubtedly the next big thing and has high leverage in the country where the market trends are certainly heading towards a sea change in the way work will be carried out in the years to come!

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Samhita Chandrasekaran is pursuing B.Com (HONOURS) in Chennai. She is a hardworking student with a great stride of determination and dedication. I am highly articulate and possess analytical thinking abilities. She is a precisionist with excellent interpersonal skills and a great presence of mind. She works well in a team. She is an ardent follower of the stock markets too.

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