The hidden artist needs to be recognized

'It takes a big heart to help shape young minds.'

Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions. A teacher puts his heart and soul in his students and is the true warriors of the society. But people who guide others without any expectation, without any personal motive, are the most compassionate ones. They love and support unknown students to help uplift them from generational poverty and secure their future. Effective educators believe that these students can be successful. This noble act of kindness as teachers help children build their skills and bring out their hidden talent. Help aids not only the present generation but also the future generations, who would now be able to live a more respectful life, all thanks to these brave hearts.

However, the rising temperature due to continuous global warming may prove fatal to their mission to educate the unprivileged. It becomes increasingly difficult to teach in open grounds and parks. Also, it affects the student's learning capacity and their health. In this regard, HighSpace got you covered. We help people manage the problem of rising rent by sharing the 'underused' spaces of other businesses. You can use the neighboring primary school's building during the weekends when it is empty. You can teach students art and craft, music, etc and maybe we can have the next prominent artist there. We make sure we list out all the available spaces so the individual can choose the most suitable one. HighSpace is a versatile marketplace for booking and listing unique spaces for a variety of creative and productive uses.

In a peaceful environment, the students also concentrate on full attention as they no longer have to deal with the heavy traffic noises and scorching heatwaves. During winters, they have to deal with extreme cold waves. They feel much more secured when learning inside the four walls of their temporary classroom. It boosts the children's creativity and they can develop their skills and experiences. They can organize art and craft competitions, music lessons, etc.

Teaching is an art and a teacher is an artist. You may feed a person once, twice, thrice, but when you teach a person a particular skill, make him capable of feeding himself for a lifetime. Any space problem should never bound such an act of goodwill. Thus we bridge in to keep the individuals' spirits high who think of bringing a change in the society by dedicating their efforts for the same.

About the Author...

Sauvika Katoch is a second year student at Delhi Technological University, graduating in mechanical engineering. She is a budding youtuber, an entrepreneur and content writer as well. You can contact her at

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