Who doesn't love window shopping? The initial tempting is when the stores grab your attention just through their window displays. Exceptional facade urges you to step inside the store, make you browse through their collection, and somehow convince you to buy something. For you, it has a whole different level of fun and adventure. Still, it is part of very useful visual merchandising that helps them make a sale for the stores.

The well-performing stores or brands have many different strategies and plan that they follow to achieve their targets; having an attractive storefront is one of them. One of the four main elements of Visual Merchandising is Store Exterior; the primary window, the secondary window, and the signage. The whole thing is called Facade. It is the entrance and the outer space of a store that helps create an impact on the target market even before they come in contact with the actual products. In a way, the facade is the store's space where the customer feels an incredible pull towards walking inside.

Visual Merchandising has always been an essential aspect of the retail business. If you are on your way to building your value and place in the market, a remarkable facade helps you. A visual merchandiser is just the perfect person to get involved with for this matter. The timeline or life of your business doesn't and shouldn't affect the presence of the facade in your store. Right from the pop-up stores and local rented spaces to shopping centers and high street, stores are incredibly exploring with their facade. Although, there is no strict rule of how facades should be, a creative and explorative blend of signage and the windows are just your recipe. Anything that works for you, your store and your business is good to go. However, the facade of a short term shop like pop-up would need to be more strongly impactful than a regular timeline retail store. It should be able to call in customers faster and make them aware of the limited period offers. A rented or owned store that intends to stay in the market for a more extended period requires a more engaging and durable facade that tells a story and invites more footfalls. The windows are generally the variable element of the facade. It keeps on altering seasonally, thematically, festively, etc. Brands and stores establish their own signature and pattern to maintain their facade. While some change it entirely and very frequently, some change a few elements but less often. The whole point of altering the facade is to adapt the store and its merchandise to the trend, season, festival of that particular geographical area, and make the shoppers aware of the store's ability to supply the ongoing demand. It helps the store grow dynamically.

Facade being a silent seller of the store's merchandise, has its own significant importance. It makes people notice your store from far away, affects their buying decision, and helps to convert from shoppers to customers. Hence, an ample investment in good facade will not be a regret. No matter how big or small your shop space is, or if you rent it or own it or how long it will be on the market, a space for the facade is always recommended. It is fun, creative, and never lets your money go in vain.

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Sayesha Wankhede is a Fashion Communication student at NIFT, Kolkata. Coming from Maharashtra, Sayesha is pursuing content writing as her career. A humble introvert with poetic qualities prefers to express through her writings rather than speaking much. She is also a published poet with published work in an anthology book, and three more of her poems are in line to be published in upcoming months.

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